Daimler AG

E2 Global advised the market entry of Mercedes Benz R&D Tel Aviv which aims to continuously provide its customers with Up To Tomorrow Networked & Safe Technologies. They are a center of gravity for talent, ideas and technologies in multiple fields and disciplines.
Together with a team of talented experts and technical leaders, they create the next generation of cars. The team plays a crucial role in researching innovative mobility solutions and state of the art software development, creating a center of excellence in car and IT security.
The center focuses on future transportation including instruments for digital cars, mobility services, connected cars and cyber security. The R&D center will be part of a network of 11 such centers worldwide.


BLue Voyent

E2 Global advised the rollup to create BlueVoyent. They provide advanced cyber threat intelligence, managed security services, and proactive professional services with forensic capabilities for incident response and remediation. They help large enterprises with impactful intelligence and offer small and medium enterprises the same kind of software and level of services that large enterprises enjoy - all from a world-class team of experts that would be challenging to amass directly.



E2 Global advised the rollup to create REEF. The manager of over 5000 parking facilities, they don’t just store cars, they serve as buffers for high density, high activity areas and, as such, alleviate congestion and the ensuing pollution. But, with the explosive growth of the sharing and on-demand economy, it is expected that the need for parking to solely store cars will be outgrown by other needs. It is within this environment that they have reimagined the role of a parking facility.

At REEF, they have taken on this challenge by transforming parking facilities to ecosystems that connect people to the goods and services that keep us moving forward in a sustainable, thoughtful way.